Skin against skin...                       your paper against my pen...                                                               that's when...                                                                                the poetry begins...



This book is just a reflection of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as I walk through the complexity of life.  Addressing everything from love to frustration, spirituality to sexuality,  friendship and family to loneliness, this is an attempt to make a connection between myself and my readers.  Through verses and metaphors, I create a voice for hidden emotions, frustrating circumstances, or just simple unspoken thoughts.  Although, all the poems in this book are not my personal experiences, most were inspired by some event, emotion, or thought and in some cases my imagination.  So, I challenge you, take a moment, open the pages of this book, and open the pages to your own self conscious.

Skin Against Skin

Skin Against Skin is a collection of erotic poems and short stories designed to stimulate, arouse, and excite. The intent of this book is to amplify sexual frequency and awaken the sexual energy that flows within us all. The seduction begins by tempting readers to explore their own appetites, cravings, and taboos. Each page proposes a journey to sexual self-discovery. The Invitation has been extended, will you accept?


The latest collection entitled:

Dear You

"Dear You" is an emotional journey of the past, present, and future as seen through the eyes of a man that has lost love, is feeling love and has hopes for new love. Dear You is a collection of letters that express his most intimate thoughts and feelings. Walk with him from beginning to end as he explores a wide spectrum of emotions.

Bound between hopelessness and hopefulness, he chooses letters to express his frustrations, his triumphs, his regrets, and his desires.  

The AfterThought

The title speaks for itself…that moment just after the act has been committed where we find ourselves reflecting upon what has just taken place. The attempt to grasp the magnitude of past events…What did it mean? What is the next step? That moment where we define or redefine ourselves into what we are about to become. That moment just before we exhale and reality sets in...that moment is…The Afterthought.

Reed Houston